:: Business administration training has begun within the framework of micro and small entrepreneurship program at ACCI

The state program “Produce in Georgia” of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia together with  Аjara Chamber of Commerce and Industry  conducts training on business administration of beneficiaries, funded in 2017 within the framework of a component of micro and small business. Teaching of business administration takes place in Ajara for 10 days, in which 375 beneficiaries from Ajara will take part.

It should be noted that the micro and small business program is very popular: the first stage of more than 20,000 online applications was taken for business registration. Upon completion of business registration, applications were reviewed and selected by the Program Commission. More than 5,000 authors of the best business ideas identified at this stage have been trained on general business, including business planning.

In October-December 2017, a grant of 5000, 10,000 or 15,000 lari for entrepreneurial activity or expansion was transferred to the winners of the business plan (3,200 people).

The goal of the State Program "Production in Georgia" is the introduction of new business, as well as the expansion of the existing business. In January 2018, the program was supported by 8,200 beneficiaries and 5314 projects, and 9,000 people get a job.